Children's Day in Ecuador

June 1 marked the international Children's Day.

Out and About

To give the children a chance to let off steam not just on the grounds of the Transformation House, our team takes them on excursions and outings into…

Cleaning the Well

There is never a shortage of projects for the Transformation House in Sucre. This is the well from which the Transformation House draws all its water.

Recycling in Sucre

Two weeks ago, we reported on the new sofa for the Transformation House in Sucre, Bolivia. The old one has found a second life now.

Extending the Protective Wall in Sucre

In recent years, a river adjacent to the grounds of our Bolivian Transformation House has tended to be a recurring problem. Because of the rapid flow…

New Animals on the Rehab Farm

Our Rehab Center in Svetlagorsk, Belarus, runs their own small farm for two reasons.

Prevention Work in Belarus

Our team in Belarus is regularly visiting other drug rehab and detox centers. Svetlagorsk has the highest rate of addicts in Belarus with 6,153…

Hope Instead of Oppression

Currently, our teams can be found in many hot spots to spread hope in society.

New Sofa for Sucre

There is a new and cozy sofa in the living room of our Transformation House in Sucre, Bolivia.

Re-Opening the Day Care in Argentina

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Day Care Center had to remain closed for a while.

Support for Drug Addicts

We have been working among homeless and drug addicts in Greece for many years.

New Form of Support in Sucre

Although many restrictions were imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are exciting changes at the Transformation House in Bolivia.

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