The Entire Family Free from Addiction

Jevgeni and his wife Galina have experienced a 180-degree turn in recent years. They used to consume and sell drugs. Then a decisive process of change...

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Olga is Healed - No More Hepatitis

For eight years Olga was a drug addict before she overcame drug addiction with therapy at the rehab centre of TOS Ministries International in...

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Off to new adventures

The introductory seminar of our volunteers in Lima, Peru ended already.

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The Protective Wall is Finished!

The premises of the Transformation House in Sucre, Bolivia needed a new protective wall against flooding by a nearby river.

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Food Donation

The Day Care Center in San Salvador de Jujuy received a generous donation of food.

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Anniversary in Jujuy

20 years of the daycare center KiTa in the slums of San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina. Our first project in Latin America started with the construction...

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Thank you very much, Elisabeth!

The Transformation House in Peru said good-bye to Elisabeth Polifka.

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Visitors from America

In August, we had special guests in Peru:

A team from America visited our Transformation House.

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