Thank you!

Sponsors & Donors

"We are very grateful for the relief supplies you are sending us. They will make life in our area much easier."

These are the words of Vasilij Khralovitch, co-leader of our Drug Rehab Project in Svetlagorsk.

With your support for a charity run "Your Sport for Transport" you make sure that we can send relief supplies to Belarus. The freight will reach a hospital, needy Belarusians and our work among drug addicts in Svetlagorsk in the middle of an economically difficult situation. 27 runners had promised to cover a total of 600 miles within 1.5 months. The youngest runner was 5 years old, the oldest 70. 

We will use the mileage money to cover the transportation costs. The next step is to pack the truck. In Belarus they are already waiting for it expectantly.