Help for Refugees

Humanitarian Aid

The refugees need support right now.

Together with the TOS Church in Tübingen, to which our ministry is affiliated, we have started an immediate aid campaign for Ukrainians. Through personal contacts with congregational networks in the Ukraine, we receive reports about the hardship in the country and the many people trying to flee the war. 

A contact team in Lublin, Poland receives the people at the border crossings of Ukraine's neighboring countries. In a Polish reception center they receive food and the opportunity to recover from the strenuous journey before they are transferred to safe accommodations. 

We are currently collecting donations for the transport to the reception center, food and accommodation there and the translation of necessary documents, so that as many people as possible can be brought to safety. You can also support this relief action with a donation here.

You can find more information here.

On Sunday, the first group of refugees arrived in Tübingen after a five-day journey. Click here for the report.