Everyday Life in the Children's Home - and yet everything is different


The alarm goes off at 6 in the morning. Despite the early hour there is immediate life in the Transformation House in Lima, Peru. David and Doris jump out of bed. They can hardly wait to put on their new school uniform after a shower. They have only been living in the Transformation House for four weeks and go to school for the first time in their lives. Everything about it is exciting and interesting.

After breakfast the team prays for a good school day and brings the group of 14 children to school. It is only a 10 minute walk, but they have to cross the Panamericana, a busy road that runs through all of South America and also crosses Lima. At 2 pm they pick up the children again. Most of the time there is something to discuss with the teachers, because not all children find it easy to sit still in school. Josué has had a fight with another boy, Alexis cannot concentrate. Former street children usually have a lot to catch up on.

After lunch there is a short break and then homework. Those who finish quickly can go and play. Josué likes to ride his bicycle. Emiliano rides a skateboard and Carlos loves to play with his new spinning top. Nery practices cajón and hopes to get a real drum set soon. Much too soon it is time for dinner. Fortunately the older ones are allowed to stay awake a little bit after that. After helping to tidy up the kitchen, they watch a film or can participate in leisure activities for young people. 

But at the moment everything is different. Because of the corona virus all educational institutions are closed. Also the English course and the soccer training are cancelled. There is a curfew. The morning home-school is an emergency solution - the children would of course much more prefer real school. They miss their friends; the little ones are annoying, the older ones think. The team makes the best out of the situation. In the afternoons they are always looking for a good idea to offer the children something special. Curfew also means that now one team member has to do the shopping for the entire Transformation House alone, i.e. for 25 people. These are special times and everyone hopes that the curfew will soon be lifted. Think of us during these special times and let the employees know that you are standing with them.