Encouragement from the far side of the World


The children in our prevention ministry in Paraguay have also heard about the war in the Ukraine.

Therefore, during a solidarity campaign at the Transformation House in Asunción, they dyed their hands in the Ukrainian national colors and recorded a greeting on video. They say, "I support the children in the Ukraine."

Recently, Paraguay has also eased the COVID restrictions. So it is now possible for many children to come to the weekly children's afternoons at our Transformation House in Asunción, Paraguay once again. The children in the slum of our project are enthusiastic and come in large numbers to these 'Lluvias de Juegos' - in English "Shower of Games" for fun, a snack and attention from the team. Besides fun and games, solidarity with their Ukrainian peers on the other side of the world is important to them.

As TOS Ministries International, we help refugees from the Ukraine. You can learn more about it here.

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