Corona Emergency Aid in Ecuador

Corona Emergency Aid in Ecuador

The main thing is to be healthy? In Ecuador, a curfew has been imposed on the population. This has drastic effects especially on the poor in our project districts. As day labourers they are dependent on earning money for their daily meals from one job to the next.

Most of them are strong and healthy, but because they are not allowed to leave the house, they are deprived of any possibility to earn money for food. There is no foreseeable change in the situation in the near future. And so the desperation grows from day to day.

Our team is already helping with food packages for the neighborhood in Abdon Calderon in this precarious situation.

You can support this. Donate for food packages which we distribute to the neighbors in our project districts. A family can live on 50 Euro for one week. Together we can be help in the Corona emergency!