Corona Immediate Aid: New Routine in the Transformation House


It has become quieter in our Transformer House in Paraguay. Nevertheless there is a lot of activity. Because of the strict corona restrictions, the exuberant children can no longer play in the garden right now. Also guitar lessons have been cancelled. Instead, the team is organizing a food distribution for needy families from the neighborhood week after week. A new routine has been established, which now benefits 700 households in the neighborhood:

Wholesale shopping - Everything starts with wholesale shopping at the market four days before the food packages are actually distributed. The traders know our team well by now and there is always time for a personal conversation. Then a truck takes the huge sacks of flour and rice to the Transformer House together with the other food supplies. A neighbor has lent it to our team for this purpose. They also receive support from other sources in the form of milk and rice donations.

Packing food packages - Now we need to split the big sacks into hundreds of family rations and "budle" them in plastic bags with other food supplies. For this purpose the rooms in the Transformation House are converted into a kind of production line. For two days, the team fills rice, flour and other basic foodstuffs into smaller bags at different stations. They place the finished food packages on the floor, which soon disappears under a sea of plastic bags. After two days of packing, the team then says:

Showtime - A long queue has formed at the entrance to the Transformation House. The neighbors wait patiently at the mandatory distance until it is their turn. The local fire brigade makes sure that everything runs smoothly and helps to distribute the food. Young people from the neighborhood also help with the distribution. The people are not dispatched mechanically, but are given a smile and a friendly word with each package. Our team has an open ear for their needs. Many say that they want to stay in touch even after the Corona time. But until then, we will continue with wholesale shopping, packing and distribution, wholesale shopping, packing parcels...