Vacations in South America

For our staff in Lima, Peru, it is always important to plan some highlights for the children in the Transformation House during the school vacations.

Plans for Peru

Here our teams share their dreams for 2022. Today, we meet Ruben Gutknecht from Lima:

Celebrating Christmas Together

Lima, Peru was one of the places where it was possible to celebrate Christmas together.

Punto.Com Final Event of the Year

On Saturday, the last Punto.Com in Lima, Peru 2021 took place with very special guests.

Beyond Belief

Today is the "International Day of People with Disabilities". Therefore, we want to report on an extraordinary birthday:

Visiting Germany

Regine Dewald has been an integral part of our ministry in Lima, Peru since 2002.

And She Wasn't Even Supposed to Walk

One of the young people living in our Transformation House in Lima, Peru is named Grace. She attends a special needs school where she is supported…

A Glimpse of Freedom

After 12 months of severe restrictions in Lima, Peru, some of them have been lifted.

Easter Surprise in Peru

Last Sunday there was a massive Easter Egg Hunt in the Transformation House in Lima, Peru.

New School Year in Peru

The new school year just started in Peru. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, children in Lima cannot attend school yet.

Summer Vacation in Peru

In Peru, the kids are still on summer vacation, but for the children in the Transformation House we offer a free English tutorial class.

4 Months State of Emergency

This is what our crisis crew has to say:

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