4 Months State of Emergency

This is what our crisis crew has to say:

I was infected by Corona

Janina's story illustrates what the situation in Peru is like during the Corona crisis. Many have experienced similar situations and are very grateful…

Everyday Life in the Children's Home - and yet everything is different

The alarm goes off at 6 in the morning. Despite the early hour there is immediate life in the Transformation House in Lima, Peru. David and Doris jump…

Corona Homeschooling

Due to the coronavirus all schools have been closed in Peru. So now it is up to our staff to offer home schooling for all 14 of our Kids in the…

In the Sound Studio

The band of the church in Lima, Peru had a special opportunity.

Christmas Party with Neighbors

In Lima, Peru, this year's Christmas festivities were celebrated ahead of schedule.

A Chance for Camilos Dream Job

The children we take care of have dreams. Our endeavour is to help them make these dreams come true. To that end, we have encouraged our supporters to…

Big Birthday Celebration

In Lima, Peru we celebrated the "quinceañera" of Grace, one of our children in the Transformation House.

Thank you very much, Elisabeth!

The Transformation House in Peru said good-bye to Elisabeth Polifka.

Visitors from America

In August, we had special guests in Peru: A team from America visited our Transformation House.

Gabriela - No Longer Abandoned!

She used to be an abandoned child, but in the Transformation House in Lima, Peru she found a new home.

She was only supposed to live until she was three years old

When Grace was born in 2005, life had handed her a tough cookie. Her 19-year-old single mother had crept from hospital, abandoning her newborn baby.…

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