New Property for Church and Prevention Project

The country keeps experiencing severe earthquakes, and the people are still traumatized from the devastationg effects of the one in 2016. So our team...

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Christmas Celebration with 200 Guests

200 residents from rural, poor areas were able to experience an unforgettable day at the weekend Christmas party in Abdón Calderón, Ecuador.


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Little Ones Dream Big

It was the big question that Andrea Montenegro recently asked the children in our Drug and Crime Prevention Project in Guayaquil, Ecuador: What is...

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Dumb David

Rush Hour in Asuncion, Paraguay. Sitting in my car, I am waiting for a red l ight to change when from the corner of my eye I suddenly notice something...

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Gabriela - No Longer Abandoned!

She used to be an abandoned child, but in the Transformation House in Lima, Peru she found a new home.

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My Sponsor - My Hero!

First day of school, Christmas, birthdays - not only in Germany are they considered special occasions. Almost everybody remembers one or more of these...

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Back to School in Bolivia

Alexa (6 years old) from Bolivia started school in February 2018. She had had virtually no chance of ever seeing a school from the inside, as Alexa...

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She was only supposed to live until she was three years old

When Grace was born in 2005, life had handed her a tough cookie. Her 19-year-old single mother had crept from hospital, abandoning her newborn baby....

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