Christmas in Paraguay

Next to distributing food packages, we want to do something special for Christmas.

No School in Sight in Paraguay

While schools in Germany remain open, in several South American countries lessons are held online. In Paraguay, however, they are not taking place at…

Searching for a Car in Paraguay

At the moment, all we have in Asuncion, Paraguay is an old bus which is used for many different things.

Ladies' Night in Paraguay

The gradual lifting of restrictions allows the resumed prevention program as well as continued food distribution.

One-Year Anniversary!


Continuing Food Distributions in Paraguay

While temperatures in the Northern hemisphere are rising, winter has come to Paraguay.

Off to the Streets

Greece has not been spared by the Corona crisis.

School - Out of School

For parents worldwide, the shutting down of schools and the changeover to homeschooling was a big challenge.

Corona Immediate Aid: New Routine in the Transformation House

It has become quieter in our Transformer House in Paraguay. Nevertheless there is a lot of activity. Because of the strict corona restrictions, the…

Vanesa makes her dream come true

The children we take care of have dreams. Our endeavour is to help them make these dreams come true. To that end, we have encouraged our supporters to…

You can do it, Daisy!

The children in our projects have dreams that would never come true without help. That is why this year we have called for people to give away a…

Banana Donation in Paraguay

The ministry in Asuncion, Paraguay has received a generous donation of bananas.

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