When Fear Spreads

Belarus is currently the focus of the media. The corona pandemic is another crisis: Since the presidential elections in early August, a broad-based…

Stories from the Rehab Center

In the Rehab Center in Svetlagorsk, Belarus about 300 people have already gone through the rehabilitation program. In this article you can read the…

Contact Stage of Reha

This year we needed to complete quite a number of renovations in the ministry in Belarus. So it is not only the Rehab Center that is being renovated.

Renovating in Belarus

The renovations are coming on nicely. There are a few things that need to be done before winter.

From Drugs back to Life

Inessa has finished her rehab program. By now she is living in a Third-Stage House and has found a job as a sales assistant.

Harvest Time in the Rehab Center

The rehab patients of this year are proud of the ripe products of their labors.

Renovations in Svetlagorsk Continue

Since the beginning of the year, we have been continuously working on renovating the Rehab Center step by step.

Start of a New Life

For 12 years Yulia from Russia was a drug addict. She heard about the Rehab Center in Belarus through a former rehabilitation client in Russia.

Formerly a Drug Addict - Today Helping Others

Lena from Belarus had a lonely childhood. Because of a heart defect and fractured vertebrae she had to spend a lot of time in hospital. So at the age…

Renovations in Rehab Center in Belarus

Since the beginning of the year, various parts of our Rehab Center, a former school building in Sevetlagorsk, belarus, have been under reconstruction…

Renovating in Svetlagorsk, Belarus

In order to provide more efficient heating for the Rehab Center housed in a former school building with ancient isolation and brickwork, the team are…

Rehabilitate rather than Freeze

Would you feel comfortable in winter without heating? Most people would probably answer "no" to this question. This is also the case for the…

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