Comfort through Food Packages

Our Corona Immediate Aid supports people who are threatened in their livelihoods. The example of Rosa from Peru shows the people's gratitude.

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Workshops via Internet

The curfew in Peru has been extended until the end of June. The team in the Transformation House has found great solutions not only for schooling.

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Peru: Corona Emergency Aid via Smart Phone

While in some European countries the corona measures are gradually being eased, the curfews in South America are in force until at least the end of...

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In the Sound Studio

The band of the church in Lima, Peru had a special opportunity.

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Christmas Party with Neighbors

In Lima, Peru, this year's Christmas festivities were celebrated ahead of schedule.

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A Chance for Camilos Dream Job

The children we take care of have dreams. Our endeavour is to help them make these dreams come true. To that end, we have encouraged our supporters to...

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Big Birthday Celebration

In Lima, Peru we celebrated the "quinceañera" of Grace, one of our children in the Transformation House.

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Visitors from America

In August, we had special guests in Peru:

A team from America visited our Transformation House.

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