This was the 20th anniversary

"The charity run for the anniversary was definitely a big fun factor. We are very pleased about the large number of sponsors," says Anne Möller,...

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Endorsements for TOS Ministries International

"We support TOS Ministries International, because...

... we know that our help reaches its destination."

Harald & Claudia Kiesinger, Owners of a...

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New Bus for Sucre, Bolivia

Thanks to a generous donation last year we were able to buy a new bus. After the obstacle of money had been overcome, the team had to search for a...

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New Bus for the Rehab in Belarus

Thanks to a generous donation, the team in Belarus was able to purchase a new car for the rehab work there.

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Granny and Granddad are here!!

Donors on Tour of South America

"When they come, it is like ganny and granddad from Germany come to visit," says Philipp Bissegger, leader of the...

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My Sponsor - My Hero!

First day of school, Christmas, birthdays - not only in Germany are they considered special occasions. Almost everybody remembers one or more of these...

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