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Make Dreams Come True

Would you like to give a loved one something meaningful and sustainable? How about a donation as a gift? It will make two people happy: your acquaintance and a street child. The children in our projects have dreams. They are children like Belinda who want to learn to dance or Camilo who wants to become a social worker. However, their precarious living conditions offer no chance for these visions. Your donation brings the children one step closer to their life's dream.

Vanesa's dream of singing

Vanesa wants to become the singer in a band. However, her precarious environment in Paraguay does not offer a chance for such visions. With your donation you make our creative workshops possible, in which children like Vanesa learn an instrument and receive singing lessons to get clo-ser to their dreams.

Camilo's dream of helping others

Camilo would like to work in a social occupation when he is grown up. However, his precarious environment in Peru does not offer any chance for such visions. With your donation you make possible a home and education for children like Camilo. There they receive a stable foundation for their lives and can come one step closer to their dreams.

This is what your donation will be used for:

Prevention Programs - So Kids Do Not End Up On The Street

In our Day Care and Community Centers we offer early childhood education and creative leisure activities. We strengthen the children's self-confidence and help them to master everyday conflicts. In this way, many discover their value and that they can make an important contribution. This protects them from slipping into drug addiction and crime in their precarious environment. Instead, many are encouraged to finish their education and become involved in society.

Transformation Houses - A Safe Home For Street Children

If a child has lived on the street, it can find a new, safe home in our Transformer Houses. Here every child is cared for and supported until it can stand on its own two feet and its personality has become whole again.

Christmas Gifts For Children In Danger

All children have dreams, even those that grow up on the street or in a precarious environment. With your donation you make the Christmas celebrations possible in our projects in Latin America and for each child to receive a gift.

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