About Us

Who We Are

Who We Are

TOS Ministries International is a Christian charity, and as part of TOS Ministries we are working among street children, drug addicts, and destitute, who are transformed through the love of God, enabling them to transform their societies from inside.

It is our vision to save drug addicts and street children from the vicious circle of poverty, addiction, and violence. We want to see people who are despised and live destroyed lives transformed into people who can be the hope of their nations. To give them a chance for this kind of transformation we are establishing 50 children's homes in South America and setting up rehab programs and centers in Eastern Europe. They receive care and support until their personalities have been healed and restored, so they can become active and productive members of their societies, developing all their skills and talents.This foundation enables them to become leaders and examples in their nations, transforming them from inside.

Why Others Support Us

Sponsor for 20 Years
I have been a sponsor for 20 years, because I believe in the work TOS Ministries International do. My first sponsored child is grown up now, but I just continued with another child. I hope to be able to support this wonderful work for at least another 20 years.
Günther Kiesinger, Businessman

Effective and Successful
I support this ministry because I consider it effective and successful. What I really admire is the fact that the staff don't just "do their job", but identify with the need and situation in each of the countries. The finances reach the children right where they need them most - and I know everything gets to where it is supposed to be!
Rainer Schramm, CEO

Thrilled with the Work
We are thrilled with the work, and so we made a gift of a sponsorship to our relatives. My mother liked the idea so much that she wanted to sponsor still another child. With a small amount you can be extremely effective!
Anke Ebe, Kindergarten Teacher

Our Staff

Leaders of the Ministry: Jobst & Charlotte Bittner

Jobst and Charlotte Bittner are the founders and leaders of TOS Ministries worldwide, and also TOS Ministries International. It is Jobst and Charlotte's vision  to see cities and nations transformed by the love of God, and to actively meet the individual's needs in word and deed.

Team Germany

Sabine Schwarz

Leadership Team
Financial Management
Representation and Committee Activities

Anne Möller

Leadership Team
Training of new Workers
Volunteer Program
Public Relations

Tina Pompe

Projects Eastern Europe
International Relief Missions
Public Relations
Office Organization Tübingen

Irmela Riehle

Sponsorships Rehab Center

Sponsorship Team

Sponsorships for Street Children

Director South America

Ruben Gutknecht

Team Peru

Regine Dewald

Street Worker

Anja Siebert

Educator in Transformation House

Katja Appel

Educator in Transformation House

Astri Ibarra

Educator in Transformation House

Aldamir Rodriguez

Project Worker in Transformation House

Aaron Dewald

Prevention program, accounting

Marie Dewald

Prevention program

Team Ecuador

Philipp & Daniela Bissegger

Head of Projects in Ecuador
Drug and Crime Prevention Project in Guayaquil

Thalia Quintero


Benjamin & Anja Kunz

Drug and Crime Prevention Project in Abdon Calderon

Katherine Jimenez

Project Worker in Abdon Calderon

Team Argentina

Ricardo & Magali Gutierrez

Head of Projects in Argentina
Head of Day Care Center

Team at the Day Care Center

Team Bolivia

Monika Neff

Head of Transformation House in Sucre

Susanne Puschke

Educator in Transformation House

Ingrid Maier

Educator in Transformation House

Birgit Schellhorn

Worker in Transformation House

Team Paraguay

Ruth Karrer

Head of Projects in Paraguay

Christine Czerwonka

Project Worker

Manuela Altscher

Project Worker

Cinthia Callisaya

Project Worker

Katharina Schneiderhan

Project Worker

Team Belarus

Sergey & Yulia Pishala

Head of Projects in Belarus and Siberia

Head of Rehab Ministry in Belarus

Barbara Kleist

Deputy Head of Rehab Ministry

Vasily & Anja Khralovitch

Deputy Head of Ministry

Team Russia

Jana Schmidt

Head of Ambulatory Rehab Ministry

Vitali Podkovkin

Project Worker

Team Greece

Christos & Olga Kalpakidis

Head of Projects in Greece

Takis & Angelina Tseggelidis

Project Workers